Malte Jansen

Research Associate, Imperial College London
  • Imperial College London
  • United Kingdom

About Malte Jansen

Malte is a Research Associate specialising in energy systems with high shares of renewables, at the Centre of Environmental Policy at Imperial College London. He is an expert in renewable and conventional power plant technology, energy market design, econometric modelling and sustainable energy engineering and wind power forecasting. He is a co-convenor for the Energy Policy option of the MSc Environmental Technology. He is one of the founders of Power Swarm, a network for academics, industry and government experts working on power system transformation. Malte's research has shown large impact in the public domain, leading the debate on the energy system's policy. His commentary has appeared in Financial Times, Der Spiegel, New Scientist, neue energie, EW Magazin, detektor.FM, ZfK and energate messenger. Malte has worked five years as part of the research team at Fraunhofer IWES (now IEE) in Germany, focussing on energy market design and the markets for ancillary services. His input to energy market reform in Germany directly shaped the rules for future market design, allowing renewables to contribute towards power system security. Recent appointments as a Consultant at E4tech have been on projects in energy systems, sector coupling, demand response and water electrolysis. Malte is a doctor of energy economics (Dr. rer. pol.) and wrote his thesis on the economics of wind and solar in markets for power system reserve. He holds degrees in engineering and economics.


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