Flavio Azevedo

Senior Researcher, Friedrich Schiller University
  • Friedrich Schiller University
  • Germany

About Flavio Azevedo

I'm a Fulbright fellow and a senior research associate in Political Psychology at the Institute of Communication Science at Friedrich Schiller University (incoming researcher at Cambridge University, UK). My research focuses on ideology, how to measure it, and its role in justifying social and economic injustices. I'm the principal investigator of The Psychology of Political Behavior Studies (PPBS), an ongoing series of quota-based national cross-sections and panel studies in Political Psychology. I co-founded and direct FORRTFramework for Open and Reproducible Research Training— an award-winning interdisciplinary initiative aiming to integrate open scholarship principles into higher education. I tweet about psychology, political science, open science, and statistics @Flavio_Azevedo_. To learn more about my research, check out my personal website.


Political Science Psychology Science, technology and society


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