Milan Janosov

PhD in Network Science, Central European University
  • Central European University
  • Hungary

About Milan Janosov

With a background in Physics and Biophysics, I earned my PhD in Network Science in 2020. I studied and researched at the Eötvös Loránd University and the Central European University in Budapest, at the Barabási Lab in Boston, and the Bell Labs in Cambridge. Alumni at Eötvös Collegium.

I am currently the chief data scientist of Datapolis, a network and data science research affiliate at the Central European University, a senior data scientist at Maven7, and an external data science expert of the European Commission's Joint Research Center.

My work has been featured in Nature Social Science Research, GQ, Forbes, Times Higher Education, New Scientist, New York Times, TechXplore, The Economic Times, Futurism,, and more.


Business & Management Economics Geography Science, technology and society


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