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Jack C. Lennon, M.A.

Doctoral Candidate Y5, Adler University

About Jack C. Lennon, M.A.

Fifth-year Psy.D. candidate in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology at Adler University in Chicago, Illinois. My training background has included psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessment with individuals across the lifespan in various settings, including pediatric evaluations that range from neurodevelopmental and learning disorders to epileptic syndromes and other neurologic conditions. I also conduct adult and geriatric assessments in a specialized movement disorders clinic, with referrals spanning pre-DBS and presurgical brain tumor evaluations to movement disorders, dementias, stroke, and other neurologic insults. Clinically, I am interested in the spectrum of tau and alpha-synuclein pathologies in the context of complex medical histories. On a research level, my background is in translational neurobiology and behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. Through these experiences, I have become particularly interested in the clinical utility of neuropsychological assessment in early detection and prediction of disease onset, including the extension of Neuropsychology and deep learning approaches to suicide risk assessment in neurologic and psychiatric populations.


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Navigating Academia as a PsyD Student

"Is it publish or perish?" is discussed from the perspective of a Clinical Psychology PsyD student interested in a clinical-research career. As a degree in that is newer than the PhD, it is being pursued by an increasing number of trainees and is worth discussing from the students within it.


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Is it publish or perish?

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