Job opportunity at Nature Reviews

We are hiring editors with a background in psychology to work on a new Nature Reviews journal.

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If you have a PhD in psychology & are interested in a career in scientific editing, Nature Reviews Psychology will launch in 2022...but they're recruiting talented psychologists right now!

I wrote a short blog post about editorial careers a few years ago, but Reviews journals are a different beast to journals that publish original research – Reviews editors don't evaluate the contribution of any single piece of research, but rather take a broad, birds-eye view of the field to identify topics that are ripe for review, or high-level ideas that could push the field forward. Reviews editors actively commission the majority of content, and work closely with authors to develop & edit the manuscript (you can watch a snazzy video about Nature Reviews here).

The job ad is here, and the deadline to apply is November 6th.

Jenn Richler

Senior Editor, Nature Climate Change & Nature Energy

Jenn joined Nature Research in 2016 as a Senior Editor serving Nature Climate Change and Nature Energy, where she handles a broad range of manuscripts from across the behavioral and social sciences. Jenn was named Head of the Nature Research Social Sciences Centre of Excellence in 2017. Prior to joining the company, Jenn was an associate editor at Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, and a writer for the American Psychological Association. Jenn completed her PhD in psychology and postdoctoral work at Vanderbilt University.

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