Job opportunity at Nature Climate Change

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Nature Climate Change is looking to hire an Associate or Senior Editor to cover environmental social science, with a particular focus on manuscripts based on mathematical modelling and econometric approaches. Candidates must have a PhD, and preferably postdoctoral experience, a strong research record in an area of environmental social science, and should have demonstrably broad interest in the social, economic and policy basis of environmental and climate issues across geographical and temporal scales. Editorial experience would be beneficial, but is not required.

We have great posts from editors at Nature Climate Change and our sister journals in the From the Editors and On The Road channels, which can give you a sense for what professional editors do. If you have any questions about this specific role and the journal, please get in touch!

The full job ad is here:

Closing date for applications is December 18th. 

Jenn Richler

Chief Editor, Nature Reviews Psychology

Jenn completed her PhD at Vanderbilt University where her research focused on face and object perception and recognition, learning, attention, and memory. She continued at Vanderbilt as a post-doctoral research associate, during which time she also served as an Associate Editor for Journal of Experimental: Psychology: General and a writer for the American Psychological Association. Jenn joined Nature Climate Change and Nature Energy in 2016 as a Senior Editor handling manuscripts that spanned the behavioral and social sciences. Jenn returned to her psychology roots as the launch Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Psychology in 2021.