About the Editors

Meet the social science editors handling your submissions
About the Editors

Manuscripts at Nature Research journals are handled by full-time professional editors who are all trained scientists, but no longer do research. Instead, we work on all aspects of the editorial process, including manuscript and reviewer selection, commissioning and editing of Comments, Perspectives, Reviews and News & Views, and writing for the journal.  The final decision on what we publish is made by the editors. We also maintain close ties to the academic community through institutional visits and international conferences. You can read a bit more about what professional editors do here.

Our editors obtained Ph.Ds in relevant areas, but because of the broad scope of our journals, all editors “stretch” beyond their original domain of study to become experts and champions for a wider range of disciplines and topics as required by their journal. At each journal, manuscripts are assigned to the editor with the most relevant background and expertise. However, we often discuss manuscripts within our journal teams to take advantage of the range of knowledge and experience across editors, and we work with editors across journals on special projects and policy development.

Our team of social sciences editors that handle behavioural and social sciences submissions is steadily growing – in just three years we went from two social science editors at Nature Research to fourteen! Here you can find a list of our social science editors, their academic background, and a rough overview of their current editorial remit. More information about the editors and their backgrounds is available on each journal homepage 

Aisha Bradshaw
Journal affiliation(s): Nature Human Behaviour
Academic background: political science, international relations
Current remit: political science, economics, criminology and criminal justice, business, management

Brittany Cardwell
Journal affiliation(s): Nature Communications
Academic background: cognitive and social psychology
Current remit: psychology

Monica Contestabile
Journal affiliation(s): Nature Sustainability (Chief Editor)
Academic background: environmental and development economics
Current remit: The scope of Nature Human Sustainability

Jamie Horder
Journal affiliation(s): Nature Communications
Academic background: neuroimaging, biological psychiatry, autism
Current remit: cognitive, systems, and social neuroscience, biological psychiatry, psychology

Fouad Khan
Journal affiliation(s): Nature Energy
Academic background: environmental science and policy
Current remit: economics and finance of energy systems, econometric modelling, integrated assessment models, policy analysis

Stavroula Kousta
Journal affiliation(s): Nature Human Behaviour (Chief Editor)
Academic background: linguistics, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience
Current remit: The scope of Nature Human Behaviour

Charlotte Payne
Journal affiliation(s): Nature Human Behaviour 
Academic background: archaeology and anthropology, public health, nutrition, genetics, zoology
Current remit: archaeology and anthropology, public health, nutrition, genetics, epidemiology, environmental studies, ecology

 Jenn Richler
Journal affiliation(s):Nature Climate Change, Nature Energy
Academic background: cognitive psychology, behavioural science
Current remit: human behaviour and public opinion on topics related to climate change and energy across social science disciplines (e.g., psychology, sociology, political science, human geography, behavioural economics).

Ryan Scarrow
Journal affiliation(s): Nature PlantsNature Sustainability
Academic background: history, sociology, science & technology studies
Current remit: topics in sociology, history, anthropology, and assorted cultural studies relevant to human-plant interactions and sustainability

Anne-Marike Schiffer
Journal affiliation(s): Nature Human Behaviour
Academic background: cognitive psychology, neuroscience
Current remit: cognitive psychology, neuroscience 

Mary Elizabeth Sutherland
Journal affiliation(s): Nature
Academic background: cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, psychology, musicology
Current remit: social, cognitive and developmental psychology, sociology, quantitative social sciences, social and affective neuroscience, neuroeconomics, behavioural economics, intervention studies

Yang Xia
Journal affiliation(s): Nature Communications
Academic background: environmental/ecological economics
Current remit: socio-economics, climate-related health risks, environmental policy and sustainability

Adam Yeeles
Journal affiliation(s): Nature Climate Change
Academic background: political economy, human geography, geospatial sciences
Current remit: social and economic dimensions of climate change, including climate and resource economics, human impacts, and environmental policy and governance

Aiora Zabala
Journal affiliation(s): Nature Sustainability
Academic background: economics, environmental policy, environmental sciences
Current remit: topics in economics, environmental psychology, political sciences, human geography relevant to sustainability

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