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The Research Journals aim to publish the most significant advances and landmark papers that will be of interest to their broad readerships. 

The journals are editorially independent, and which journal to submit to is up to you. When choosing a journal, think about your intended audience (who do you want to read your paper?) and where the work fits in the field (does your work build on any recent papers in the journal?). 

Read more about the editorial scope of our journals serving behavioural and social sciences communities below.

Nature Human Behaviour
Nature Human Behaviour offers an outlet for cutting-edge research from any of the social and natural sciences that has a bearing on understanding human behavior. We publish research from a very broad range of disciplines — including, but not limited to, psychology, economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, geography, epidemiology, behavioural ecology, evolutionary biology, neuroscience, psychiatry, genetics, physics and computer science — that represents a major leap forward in describing, explaining, predicting or changing human behaviour. We particularly welcome transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research that combines theory or methods from two or more disciplines, as well as research that engages with urgent societal issues.

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Nature Climate Change
Understanding the full scope of climate change impacts and developing and implementing successful solutions necessitates consideration of human behaviour, the beliefs and attitudes that underlie this behaviour, the factors that promote behaviour changes, and how all of these are a function of the society in which they are embedded. Nature Climate Change aims to bring various research and policy communities together to address the urgent issue of climate change. The journal is dedicated to publishing the most significant and cutting-edge research on the nature, underlying causes or impacts of global climate change and its implications for the economy, policy and the world at large.

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Nature Energy
Fundamental transformations to energy systems are required to tackle challenges of decarbonisation, environmental health, energy affordability, and security. How do we meet demand and still achieve the required rapid changes when making decisions about energy supply can take years, and the development of energy sources can take even longer? Science and technology undoubtedly play a vital role, yet technologies must be wielded by people. Nature Energy aims to provide a broad view of energy issues ranging from different scientific and technological advances to new insights into the energy needs and behaviours of society, and regulatory and market reforms, as well as how these spheres interact. 

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Nature Sustainability
Nature Sustainability publishes significant original research from a broad range of natural, social and engineering fields about sustainability, its policy dimensions and possible solutions. It brings together novel research on the drivers of human practices and their environmental and social impacts, as well as applied research that identifies viable solutions — technological, infrastructural or institutional — to sustain ecosystems and the well-being of populations across the globe.

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Nature Plants
Nature Plants is open to quantitative and qualitative research that provides new and robust insights into the plant:human interface, where the biology of the world’s flora meets the impacts and uses of human society. Notable areas of focus for this kind of research includes, but is not limited to, food security, accessibility, & availability; agriculture and agroecology; conservation and biodiversity; ecological economics and ecosystem services; urban landscapes and greenery; the social and political battles over genetically modified crops; land use on the urbanrural interface; and the capacity for resilience and adaptation on the part of coupled human and plant ecosystems. 

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