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Marketing justice: what consumer research taught us about legal biases

Deciding whether someone accused of a crime is guilty may be a more serious decision than choosing a new apartment or a new car, but the decisions share some essential features. It took a mid-career shift, a fascination with computational methods, and a coincidental choice of lunch spot for us to see the connection. By Pate Skene, John Pearson, and McKell Carter
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Nov 01, 2018

The history of the paper “Equity and the Willingness to Pay for Green Electricity in Germany”

Germany is commonly seen as a global role model in transforming its electricity system from fossil-based power generation to the “green” electricity production based on renewable energy technologies. As a result of this so-called energy transition (Energiewende in German), the share of green electricity rose from around 6% in 2000 to about 36% in 2017.
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Sep 19, 2018

Tolerance to ambiguous uncertainty increases prosocial behavior

You sit down at a bar and order a cocktail, waiting for your blind date to arrive. You scan the restaurant when a guy with a scruffy beard and neon sneakers walks towards you and introduces himself: Alex—your date. You start chatting; you tell him where you grew up, what you do for a living, how much you love your cat. As you talk, you try to read his facial expressions. Does he also love cats? Wait, was that the beginning of a grimace…maybe he hates cats?
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Sep 13, 2018